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    The Donggang area is the key region of the urban development strategy of Dalian in establishing the “Northeast Asian Shipping Center”, expanding and uplifting the urban functions of the CBD, combining with the reconstructing projects across the bay, enclosing the Dalian Bay Bank together with the Xianglu Reef, and developing an entirely new lifestyle for the “Diamond Harbor” bay area of Dalian, an area comparable to the “Victoria Bay” in Hong Kong. This strategy also aims to integrate multiple functions such as commerce, finance, business, residence, and tourism to the city while forming the new urban are through integrating the mountain, the sea, and the city together. Overall, these functions will serve to highlight the naturally beautiful and developmentally enhanced features of the riverside city of Dalian.

    Project Address:No 1, hong kong park, Dalian city, Liaoning province


    Project Website:http://donggangdi.thedailypalin.com/

    Project Profile

    The One Project, comprised of fourteen high-rise buildings of neoclassic style, covers a total of 86,700 square meters land with a construction area of approximately 160,000 square meters. To the north of this project lies the Changjiangdong Road and to the south, the Huale Street. Due to its tranquility and seclusion, this project provides the most powerful privacy in the whole are and forms the hyper-scale garden landscape in the center of the prosperous CBD. This landscape can be privately owned and contributes to the creation of the “land of idyllic beauty” and the concept of “city rejuvenation” within the large, enclosed architecture of the city center.

    Development Concept

    Utilizing the superior resources of the mountains and the sea, the One Project reaps the most out of the natural potential in the region. This project will go to serve the privileged society of Dalian and of the three northeastern provinces with the purpose of creating a noble residence in the fashion of “seclusion within the downtown area”. 


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